Wednesday, 19 February 2014


The shades form left to right Toxic Apple, Luis Lemon, Pink Punch, Bubblegum and Pukka Purple

It's just a quick post today on Models own Matte Iced Neon collection as it's like no other collection. First of all it's a semi matte finish and the five nail polishes have been inspired by keeping glow sticks in the fridge to make the glow last longer.  The polishes are designed to be kept refrigerated to protect the intense neon colour from fading.  Personally I haven't kept mine in the fridge as I think it's a bit off a gimmick.   

I've only just applied the polishes so I can't comment quite yet on there wear time but with a top coat I find other Models own nail polishes will last a good week. These were all so bright and easy to work with. Most of the polishes had a thin consistency and went on sheer. Application wise I had to apply two coats, apart from the yellow shade Luis lemon and green shade Toxic Apple, where I had to apply three coats. 

I find wearing bright nail polish just jazz's up any outfit and stops everything from looking so boring. Also I think the shades will look amazing in the summer with a tan. My favourite shade has to be Toxic Apple. 

I'd love to know if you've tried this collection and what you thought 



  1. Those are fantastic shades, so bright xx

  2. These varnishes are gorgeous, perfect for spring! I have joined your site, perhaps you could join mine too? x

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, xxx

  4. I absolutely love these colours, great collection X

  5. Such beautiful bright colors! I love it! <3
    xx, Malena