Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I'd been eyeing up Benefits "watt's up highlighter" for quiet sometime but couldn't justify paying the very steep price of £24.50 for a highlighter.  But I have no will power so inevitably I caved in and bought myself one, but boy I'm I glad I did! 

Watt's up is a delicate champagne soft focus cream highlighter 
The warm champagne colour works really well for my skin tone it just melts into the skin, I think it would suit an array of skin tones.

The fact that the product has a cream to powder formulation it makes it super easy to blend into the skin.
It definitely lives up to it's soft focus claims as it has no chunky glitter particles (most highlighters do) so you won't end up looking like a glitter ball.  It just leaves a nice natural shimmer that gives the skin a radiant glow.

I've had Watt's up for quite a while now and use it almost everyday.  I would definitely recommend it.

I'd love to know what you think of Watt's Up 



  1. love the color, sounds nice :)

  2. This is such a stunning highlighter! I need this in my makeup bag.
    Sophy xo | lashesandsplashes

    1. You really do, it's an amazing product x

  3. I do love looking like a glitterball, but maybe not every day ;) Love this product too! xx Rebecca - UK style blog

  4. Hi Jorden! This post has been a massive help to me as I've been looking at this product but wondering if I should get it and I've searched for reviews but this one has defiantly been the most helpful so far!

    I followed you via gfc and it would mean so so much if you could follow back, I'm a massive fan of your blog so it would just be so amazing! My link is but I respect fully if you say no :) xx

  5. Oh Thank you, I'm gonna go have a read of your blog now

    Jorden x

  6. Such a Beautiful highlighter!

    Kirsty xoxo

  7. Thanks, am looking for a new highlighter. Will give this one a try :)

  8. Great review. I really liked it, in fact I loved the whole blog. I have followed x

  9. Great review. I am a big fan of this product.
    Bright and Shiny

  10. I have yet to try this one! I love Benefit. I may need to give this a closer look next time I'm makeup shopping!

  11. I love their Cream to Powder finish products!

  12. Remind me a bit of the nars multiples xx xx

  13. I have used this and I must say that it is absolutely amazing! I love how I could easily apply it.
    xx, Malena